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Get Your NAP On!

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Our NAP ebook shows you just how important it is to get your name, address and phone number right in the many locations that make up your web presence.  Get rewarded by the search engines when you address this important information.

Very, Very Video. 

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Video marketing is here to stay and you too can use this engaging tool to attract patients to your practice.  How and where to utilize video is explained step by step in the guide. Video is very much in reach for everyone.  


To Blog or Not...

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Do website visitors read blogs?  How often should I publish?  What's value of having a blog?  What should I be writing about? These, and many more questions, are answered in this how-to blog ebook.


An Image Worth 1,000 Words

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Are you using website images to your advantage? This online images ebook shows you just how important images are to capturing and developing your new patient base.

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Your Next Best Marketer...

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...is the last patient you saw today. The importance of reviews cannot be underestimated.  Create a plan to capture more positive reviews than ever.


Market with a Friend

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Co-Marketing is not easy, but once you start, this is the difference between good marketing and great results - for you and your co-marketer.

Pay Per Click Ads

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PPC is a powerful weapon in your arsenal to drive traffic. Understanding how and when to use can make the difference in your investment return.

Logo Legendary

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While we don't expect you to create one, understanding what you want your logo to convey is critical to getting it right. Find out how to make your's something special.