A Case Study in Specialization

We’ve written about specialization many times and the topic cannot get enough attention.  This month’s Practice of the Month takes specialization, and specialization marketing, to new heights.

Dr. David Yesnick of the Yesnick Vision Center of Las Vegas, Nevada has led with his low vision services in ways that are unprecedented. Patients travel from all over the country to be treated by Dr. Yesnick and his wife, Sandy, an expert low vision occupational therapist.

Lesson 1: Seek a Leadership Role in Your Community. For Dr. Yesnick the field of low vision optometry offers many, many leadership opportunities. Dr. Yesnick recently held an educational event on implantable telescopes (IMT) for end stage macular degeneration patients. When the hotel learned about what they were doing they gave them use of the space for free! Dr. Yesnick and Sandy created Nevada’s first ever Macular Degeneration Eye Doctor team, featuring retinologists, ophthalmologists, low vision optometry and low vision therapy, to form Nevada’s premier IMT team, to bring this life changing technology to Nevada’s visually impaired patients. The event had 100 people and was a huge success. 

Lesson 2: Understand All of the Needs of Your Patient. Have deep insights into those affected by significant loss of vision, Dr. Yesnick also recently started a low vision nonprofit to help underprivileged afford low vision care.  Not-for-profits are not easy, but truly connect you to a side of your patient base that needs more than just eye care.

Lesson 3: Look for the Application of Your Service in Work, Life Skills and Leisure Activities. Believe it or not, Dr. Yesnick is also the official eye doctor for the Nevada DMV. Due to his specializing in low vision, Dr. Yesnick has many patients that travel from out of the state and internationally for low vision aids for driving. Yesnick Vision Care has the only low vision driving school in Nevada (with high tech cars) and is also open to people with normal vision. 

In December, the practice received 33 new patient appointments through their web marketing with a 17% increase in traffic. This is a starting point for a burgeoning practice to grow significantly in months ahead. Look for this practice to continue to innovate and grow within their specialty.