An Opportunity to Teach and Lead  About Eye Care

The Next Solar Eclipse is August 2017!

You have to be mindful and take full advantage of teachable moments.  And so it is with the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 - an event that will have the attention of millions of people across the US and thousands of people in your community.  It is an opportunity to be the eye care leader in your community and to draw attention to the need for protecting our eyes from not only a solar eclipse, but the blue light and UV rays of our daily lives.

EyeCarePro is offering this FREE, robust integrated marketing campaign to bring the kids, and adults alike, into your practice. Better yet (there's always a better yet...), sign up for one of our marketing services that best meets your needs and we'll send you 100 pair of solar eclipse viewers for you to distribute (check out the promotion on the right). Once you sign up for services, we'll do all the work for you!  Yea! We get to do the storytelling we love and you get to see more patients!

What's in an integrated marketing campaign you might ask? (and you should):

  • a Jumbo-sized postcard for mailing, or distributing from your office (we send the print them locally)

  • an email blast, and an email header to create your own blast

  • a Facebook cover and 4 Facebook posts

  • a website interstitial page

  • a poster for your office (or print off a bunch and give them to neighboring merchants!)

  • and a slide show photo for the header of your website

Whew!  That's heavy! Remember, August 21 is smack in the middle of back-to-school so this is a great co-marketing opportunity to bring those families into your practice as opposed to your competitors.

Eclipse-FB Cover.jpg

Don't delay. Complete our form to download your FREE campaign... OR... (and this is the best part), give us a day and a time to call and we'll discuss the marketing service that fits you best, customizing this campaign to your practice, AND 100 free solar eclipse viewers to distribute from your practice.

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