Do the Happy Business Dance!

You're Going into 2018 with a Plan!

Every year you say it, but this year you do it.  Create a plan that will take you to bigger and better results in 2018.  Why is this year different from every other year?  EyeCarePro! We have developed a robust (and yet simple) one page marketing planner, coupled with an almost-Pulitzer-Prize-winning marketing manual. 60 pages of marketing ideas that will curl your toes (that's just a figure of speech). Be prepared to grow your business in 2018 and be the hot-shot eye care professional in your town. 

Do it yourself, or sign up for our services (ODLite, ODLingo, ODSpecialty, ODMetro) and we'll do it for you...not just plan, we'll actually execute the plan and do the work! There. That's two obstacles to success - planning and execution - that tripped you up in 2017 that we just removed for 2018.

Sign up for any one of our services (give us a day and time on the form at right) and our team will work with you over the next two months to create a 'I'm-taking-over-the-world' marketing plan (ok... maybe 'I'm-taking-over-eye-care-in-my-neighborhood' plan).

This is a step by step guide on everything from goal setting to increased referrals.  We've taken the guess work out of planning and made sure nothing is left to chance.  Here's the success recipe:

  • Fill out the form at right (Give me a day and time we can meet to talk about it)
  • We'll match your marketing needs to one of our marketing plans (ODLite, ODLingo, ODSpecialty, ODMetro)
  • Sign up for the right services for your practice
  • A Marketing team is assigned to your practice and...
  • Your 2018 marketing plan is well underway!

Or download the ebook by completing the form and give it a whirl on your own.  We're just a phone call away so don't hesitate to ask for help.

Here's to an amazing 2018!

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