Getting started on your marketing journey means 'getting your practice busy'. Tactical marketing has the goal of filling your schedule. 

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It's no longer about getting more patients, it's about getting the RIGHT patients that match your practice expertise. Careful, targeted planning is required to launch your revenue per hour into the stratosphere.

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You're a multi-OD practice in multi-locations.  You want to be THE eye care provider in your market with exactly the patient mix that you want. Time to be a market leader.

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Tactical Marketing: ODLite

If you need tactical marketing to fill your ODLite Box.png
appointment schedule, then ODLite may be the right service for you and your budget. Focus on new patient acquisition. Never a contract. There's a marketing team at your fingertips.

Strategic Marketing: ODLingo

It's no longer about getting patients.  It's about ODLingo Box.pnggetting the right patients for the expertise your practice is known for. Increase your per hour revenue and attract patients to your specialty with this strategic marketing service.

Market Leadership: ODMetro

Let's face it.  You're on top of your game andODMetro Box3.png are looking for the gold. You know practices that are THE eye care provider in their community and with the help of ODMetro, you, too, will be well on your way.