Optix Family Eyecare Center: Marketing Campaign Elite

Campaigning Equals Coordinated Marketing Activities

Optix Family Eyecare Center, Long Island, New York

New Patients through Marketing last month:  64

Congratulations to our Marketing Practice of the Month, Optix Family Eyecare of Long Island, New York.  This is a practice that really understands the value of conducting many coordinated activities that grab the attention of their audience and to boost the number of patients utilizing their practice for eye care.

What’s the single most important ingredient in a marketing campaign? Check out Optix Family Eyecare and see for yourself.

Lesson 1

Great marketing is about repetition and using many tools to convey your message. Optix Family Eyecare is a Practice with an active Facebook page.  They conduct retargeting ads and pay per click advertising (now that’s advanced marketing).  They have an active off-site blog that is robust and up-to-date information (http://www.longislandeyedoctor.com/ check it out!).  Same message. Different media. For a 1 + 1 = 3 result.


Lesson 2

Optix Family Eyecare mixes online and offline media.  Too often we have heard the resounding cry, “Just do Facebook!” much to the detriment of the practices that follow that advice.  Not with Optix Family Eyecare. This is a team that conducts about one trunk show per month. These trunk shows put customers (and prospective customers) in their office and from there they educate and work their magic.

Lesson 3

The Optix Family Eyecare team are avid Pay Per Click advertisers.  Few practices are using this tool to reach people where they search.  Optix Family Eyecare is consistent with their PPC ads and that, coupled with their other marketing to 64 new patient appointments in March, 10 directly attributable to PPC.

 Lesson 4

Optix Family Eyecare uses emails to reach current customers.  Seems simple enough, but you need to be a collector of all emails for patients in your practice and your message needs to be consistent with your other media.

This is a team that truly understands a winning marketing formula and their efforts have led to just shy of 200 appointments this first quarter.  Look for great marketing and great results from this team in 2018.

So what the single most important ingredient in a marketing campaign? Many ingredients!