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Each month you receive these free assets from EyeCarePro and now what?  Learn how to create a true campaign around the topic of your choice.

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To Blog or Not...

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Do website visitors read blogs?  How often should I publish?  What's value of having a blog?  What should I be writing about? These, and many more questions, are answered in this how-to blog ebook.

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Traditional Marketing Returns! 

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Marketing today seems only about online and digital, but there is a world of tried and true traditional techniques waiting to win over new patients in your community.

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Know Your ADA Rules

ADA cover

Optometrists are being hounded by unscrupulous lawyers finding ways that you are not in compliance.  Know the rules and how best to address them online.

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Not Visitors...Conversions 

Conversions Cover

It's not about web traffic but web conversion to appointments.  This ebook exams how to turn visitors into new patient appointments over and over again.

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Make It Eventful

event marketing cover

Not all marketing is onlineplain why your offer is so great it's worth filling out a form for.

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Facebook Do's

Facebook ebook cover

One of our top sellers, this step-by-step guide will make you a Facebook BFF. Posting, headers, do's and don'ts, it's all laid out for you and your staff to make it work for your practice.

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Your Metadata is Showing

Metadata cover

You've heard about it but what is MetaData? This is the dark side of the web (or at least that part you can't see and yet it is so important). I won't spoil the surprise.  

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Worth 1,000 Words

Image Importance Cover.jpg

Are you using website images to your advantage? This online images ebook shows you just how important images are to capturing and developing your new patient base.

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Get Your NAP On...

NAP Cover

This ebook shows the importance of gettting your name, address and phone number right in  your web presence. Win over  the search engines when you address this important information.

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Your Best Marketer

Reviews cover.jpg

...is the last patient you saw today. The importance of reviews cannot be underestimated.  Create a plan to capture more positive reviews than ever.

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Market with a Friend

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Co-Marketing is not easy, but once you start, this is the difference between good marketing and great results - for you and your co-marketer.

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Pay Per Click Ads

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PPC is a powerful weapon in your arsenal to drive traffic. Understanding how and when to use can make the difference in your investment return. Talk to our representative about adding PPC to your marketing today.

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Logo Legendary

Logo cover.jpg

While we don't expect you to create one, having a logo convey your message is critical marketing. Find out how to make yours something special.

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Tricks are for kids...

Pediatric cover 2

Whether you are starting out or have been providing pediatric services for a while, this ebook is designed to help you get the word out.

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Experts Rule!

Expertise cover

Developing ypour expertise is a key strategy to effective marketing.  Everyone loves and expert and experts create great marketing stories for the entire pratcice .

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I want my GMB

GMB cover

GoogleMyBusiness is playing a bigger and bigger role in marketing your practice and EyeCarePro is seizing the opportunity. Find out how you can take advantage of this evolving Google asset.

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