Prairie Vision: Our January Facebook Practice of the Month

Nothing Says Facebook Like an Involved Staff

Prairie Vision, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

Facebook page

Likes: 735

Congratulations to our January Practice of the Month, Prairie Vision of Wainwright, Alberta in Canada for their Facebook prowess and expertise.  January is Facebook Month and we wrap up an exciting month of creating optometric Facebook experts all across the US and Canada with a practice who has been just that for a long time.

What’s their secret?

  • Staff involvement
  • Make it personal
  • Use different kinds of posts


This team must have read our Facebook posts ebook 2018 because they are engaging their entire  community through Facebook. Wainwright, Alberta has 7,000 residents and this team has 10% of their community on their page!  How many practice can report that.  Check out their great posts:

Children make the best subjects.FB1

There is no better Facebook posts magnet than children.  Now we all know the challenge of getting permission from patient for posting and having children on your page increases the concern significantly.  Or does it?

This group shows time and time again that it need not be any more difficult.  Have your permission forms ready.  Always put your patients in a good light. And Voila!  Their family is sharing your post with the entire neighborhood.  

FB2Have a contest!

The team did a great job of engaging their community in a holiday movie contest.  “Comment and tell us your favorite holiday movie

and you will be entered in a random draw to win Boris! Winner will be chosen on Thursday evening.” It’s just that easy. 

Recognize your staff.

Most practices don’t recognize that their staff members are also community members.  Each staff member has a family and friends that populate your community. In Wainwright, the Prairie Vision staff and their friends and families make up 

42% of the population (I just made that up), but the message is…staff is FB3important.

Prairie Vision does a great job of recognizing staff members throughout their site and of course staff share those posts. There are many things you can do on Facebook but this activity has the double win of being great for office morale and making everyone feel as important as they are.

Create a ‘Day Theme.

The team developed #WhyWednesday as a theme to explain various aspects of eye care in every day terms their community could understand.  Mundane content become exciting and understandable when presented as singular concepts.

The list goes on and one and you will have to visit (and ‘like’) their page to find out more.  For more ideas, consult our Facebook ebook.  There you’ll find we’ve stolen many ideas from Prairie Vision and added a few of our own.

Congratulations to our January 2018 Practice of the Month Prairie Vision for their Facebook prowess.