Pediatrics Rule! Just ask Milton Eyecare

Pediatrics represents a foundational service and helps to market the entire practice

Practice of the Month: Milton Eyecare, Milton, Ontario

New Patients through marketing last month:  33

"Children make your life important." 
  — Erma Bombeck, American humorist 

Each month the EyeCarePro staff get together and discuss practices that are exemplary in their marketing.  Our July focus is on pediatric optometry and so we turn our attention to those practices that are doing a great job serving and treating children and their families and telling that story.

We are please to announce that the July Marketing Practice of the Month is Milton Eye Care of Milton, Ontario with Dr. Alisa Khan and her staff. What makes for a stellar pediatric practice?  Take a look at Milton Eye Care and you will see excellence in pediatric marketing.


Lesson 1: Range of services. The range of services offered at Milton Eyecare put them squarely in a leadership position for pediatrics – vision therapy, myopia control, pediatric exams defined differently than that for an adult, and their active participation in Eye See…Eye Learn, a program of the Ontario Association of Optometrists offering complimentary spectacles for children starting kindergarten. Whew!

Lesson 2: Own the market for children in your community. The home page of their website has a strong statement about pediatrics and their site is also populated with photos of children sending the not-so-subtle message that they are 'THE' pediatric practice in their community. They are invested in their community’s children and sponsor one of the local baseball teams. In addition, when you enter their office, you immediately notice the warm, kid-friendly feeling the environment provides.


baseball team

 Lesson 3: Focus on Results.  Whether it is pediatrics or adult eye care, the team at Milton Eye Care is focused on growing their practice mainly by giving great care.

“We have more patients under 16 than we do adults!”, reported Dr. Alisa Khan. “I personally love seeing pediatric patients as children bring a great energy into the practice. One of our mottos at Milton Eye Care is ‘it is never too early for your child’s first exam’. Our staff is constantly surprising first-time parents that their little ones should have an eye exam."  And here are their recent monthly results:

khan June 18

Congratulations to a team that has created a pediatric practice of excellence for the greater Milton, Ontario community. Check them out!