NAP (Name Address Phone) a Powerful Ranking Tool

All Roads in Google Local Maps Lead to New Patients When Your NAP is Consistent 

Yep.  It all boils down to this.  Years of schooling and training. Years of practice experience and the difference between getting and not getting patients from Internet marketing boils down to making sure your Name- Address- Phone number (NAP) are consistent in all of your listings. Ugh!

But look at the bright side.  Not many OD's know this simple but important trick and by investing the time to get it right can make a huge different in your online marketing results. 

Simply download this easy to follow, step-by-step guide and become a grand master SEO wizard (or at least good at NAP corrections).

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Don't want to do it all yourself?  Prefer optometry over SEO?  Sign up for our ODLite, ODLingo or ODMetro service and this will be first on our long list of to do's to drive appointments to your schedule each and every month. Let the EyeCarePro wizards (who correct NAPs nationally with one hand tied behind their backs) address this for you. 

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