Practice Growth through Accurate Billing, Coding and Improved Marketing Services


You've made a choice to attract and retain more members of your community than ever before.  You are expanding your service offerings and providing greater and greater medical care.  Credentialing your practice with insurance plans and billing insurance providers correctly is mission critical to your success, but letting your community know you provide these service will give you something to bill.  That's why...

"I recommend EyeCarePro for online marketing services.  They built and marketed my practice website, and they designed the OBC site. You won't find anyone else out there that knows more about optometry and marketing than EyeCarePro."  

Dr. Eric Botts

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned marketer, EyeCarePro has a service that's right for you.  Tell your medical services story online where almost 40% of all appointments are being made today.

  • Website only
  • ODLite - for the growing practice
  • ODLingo - for the mature practice

You'll also find opportunities such as:

  • New consumer video series for ODLingo clients
  • Effective, low cost direct mail campaigns
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Onsite video and photography services
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