Integrated Campaigns Yield More

Marketing can be a series of unrelated, uncoordinated activities - sort of like going to the gym once in a while or being on a diet one day each week.  Not very effective and not likely to yield the results you are expecting.

Integrated marketing is the orchestration of many activities  as well- message and timing - to reinforce a specific idea with your audience. Dieting that includes walking and gym time and not keeping fatty foods around.  Coordination on many levels yields greater success.

EyeCarePro believes in the integration of traditional marketing (response mail, newspaper ads, posters) with new online marketing techniques. We even  add a traditional marketing component to our integrated marketing arsenal with Response Mail Marketing.

  • Over 350 campaigns to customize and personalize
  • Small (500 pieces) or large campaigns
  • 25% to 30% lower cost than conducting a campaign yourself
  • Target your audience demographics and zip codes

Response Mail, or direct mail, is a sure fire way of reaching that audience who is not online or reinforcing your message with those who are.  Get out in front of your competition with the technique that yields returns. Choose from three response mail vehicles:

  • standard postcard,
  • jumbo postcard and
  • personalized letter
For a limited time, run your first Response Mail Marketing campaign with us and we'll increase your reach by 10%.  Mail 1,000 pieces and we'll make it 1,100.  Mail 2,000 pieces and we'll make 2,200 at no additional cost.

Let's Do Mail!