Traditional Marketing is not Dead…

...It’s been Relegated to the Clever Practices

Frankly, we don’t like to be known as ‘online marketers’ because it excludes so many great ideas that are in the realm of traditional marketing. This month’s Marketing Practice of the Month is yet another example of a practice using traditional marketing techniques in conjunction with online techniques for a 1+1=3 result.  Congratulations to Dr. Tommy Lim and Dr. Hung Mac of Berryessa Optometry in San Jose, CA.

Dr. Lim’s practice is now one of the largest in Santa Clara County. Dr. Hung Mac joined the practice in 2005 and has added specialty contact lens expertise to the practice offerings. 


 “In today's marketing, we are dealing with a whole new set of challenges  that I have accepted that I will never fully understand or master," reported Dr. Lim.  "It is already difficult enough just keeping up with the latest ineye care, insurances and coding.  An important lesson I learned over the years is that my expertise is in eye care, not as a CPA or a search engine optimization marketing expert. Trying to save money by doing these other areas have been disaster, a total waste of energy and money."  

But Dr. Lim is a community leader and his leadership has led him to be out in the community – in this case, on the radio. “I had a patient that is in the radio business. After his eye exam, he asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed on the radio.  It was never something I ever thought I would do but I decided to give it a try.”  The topic is selected by the radio host on what would be beneficial to his listeners.

As with all marketing, it is not the ONE thing that you do but the MANY. Berryessa Optometry continues to lead their area in online marketing techniques as well. Integrate your online marketing with traditional marketing activities:

  • Incorporate events like an open house, trunk show or screening event into your marketing plan
  • Provide at least one community speaking event in this coming year - PTA, Chamber of Commerce or local business talk
  • Check with your local radio station like Dr. Lim did
  • Your office is one of the strongest marketing influencers - serve coffee or water to patients waiting; make  healthy fruit and snacks available; have up-to-date clean reading materials available
  • try a direct mail campaign to expand your reach


Dr. Lim leaves us with this note. “I use to try to be my own marketing manager.  Honestly, I felt I was pretty good at it for the first few years of practice but as time has evolved, I realized I was wasting my time and money trying to do it all.  Now, the only marketing I do is through my account manager at EyeCarePro, Lenny. "  

Dr. Lim shared, "Lenny and his team have a pulse on optometry and how to market to those community members looking for eye care.  I have learned through the school of hard knocks that a jack-of-all- trades type of marketing plan does not work to my benefit.  I now let the experts do their thing.” This has been a wise choice with 35 new patient appointments in June and 29 new patient appointments in July for Berryessa Optometry.

"My recommendation to an OD is to let the experts do their job and to stick to optometry,” Dr. Lim reported (sound advice!)