How does a thriving practice tell their story?

We've been talking about the three stages of practice development - Growing, Maturing and Thriving practices - and the marketing that is associated with each stage. Match the correct marketing tactics with your practice stage and Voila! You've got new patients making appointments.  

Today, we begin to focus on your thriving practice (stage 3) which has achieves the goals of stage 1 and 2 and is now seeking to dominate your market.  You are seeking to be the 'go-to' eye care provider in your community and you have all the marketing basics covered.  Now's the time to step up to more sophisticated and impactful techniques.

We start with a lesson on co-marketing which will describe how your practice and another company(ies) can collaborate  for the purpose of helping to market each other’s products or services. In a co-marketing relationship, each company adds a product or service to a joint offering enhancing the overall offering and attracting more business for both companies.

This is serious marketing with serious results. Our ebook provides just a small (but rich) sample of c0-marketing ideas.

As with all of our ebooks, call us.  Ask questions and advice. If you feel you need our assistance to implement these ideas in your community, call us as well.  We are expert bridge builders between you and the businesses around you.


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