The Voice of a Customer

OD's are Getting Great Results

kentphoropter.jpgDr. Kent Risk of Risk Optometric Associates and Good Looks has a thing or two to share about his experience with EyeCarePro.  As an ODMetro customer, he outlined 5 areas where he feels he gets the greatest return on his marketing investment.
Attracting New Patients
"I started using Eyecarepro for my new practice which opened two years ago.  Once I saw how many new patients it was attracting, I stopped using using a competitor for my other 20 year old practice and switched both over to EyeCarePro.  Within a couple months the number of eye exams had increased significantly for an old practice that had been stagnant for years."   
Practice Results Reports
"I use Eyecarepro for two companies.  Therefore, I receive two reports a month.  I find it just amazing that they can provide such detailed information about the growth of eye exams of both practices.  It is also beneficial to talk to their team leader once a month to review the practice reports.  They go over the results for about an hour and make suggestions as to how you can make your practice better.  The practice results and suggestions definitely keep me on target."
Beautiful Web Design
"I made my own website years ago.  What a mistake that was for me.  I switched to EyeCarePro and I was pleased with their ability to upgrade my site.  I just went through a second website makeover and my latest version has a nice modern streamline design that is very impressive and interactive.  There is no way I could have done that by myself."
Most important of course has been my results.  New patients to my practice each and every month.  Here are my results from the last 30 days.  16 new patients during what is traditionally a slow time of year!


Top Notch Customer Support
"The team at Eyecarepro have ALWAYS called me back or emailed me a response within 24 hours.  That is impressive because I have sent them hundreds of emails over the years.  I have even seen where they replied to my emails in the middle of the night.  Their customer support team is very professional and take pride in their desire to see my practices grow."