Make Your Communication Early and Often

Letting your patients know about end-of-year benefits use is important.

As you know, vision insurance and flexible spending accounts (FSA's) provide benefits that expire at the end of every calendar year for your patients and then reset on January 1. Unused benefits cannot be transferred over to the new year, and that is a loss for your patients and a loss for your practice.uioli-contest-slideshow.jpg

Help your patients understand that for most insurance plans, they are  entitled to a comprehensive eye examination and either a pair of quality eyeglasses or an allowance that goes towards contact lenses each year. By completing the form at right, you can DOWNLOAD our free campaign that will help you communicate this opportunity on your website, Facebook page and in your office.  Use our graphics for an email campaign or even a direct mail campaign or... WAIT!  Let us do it for you by purchasing one of our award-winning marketing services that never run out of benefits!

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It's almost the end of the year!

Marketing makes a difference.

ODSite practices (website only) are averaging 8.1 new patient appointments. Having a website doesn't eliminate the need for broader marketing but it's a start.

ODLite practices average 20.8 new patient appointments each month. SEO makes a bigdifference in attracting visitors  to your site & converting them to appointments

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