Professional Video Services

Telling your story has never been easier!

Sure you can use your iphone and do a walk-around selfie video, but is that the best representation of you and your practice? Professional video services can be complex: script writing, filming, editing, posting. None of this seems to come easy.... until now.

Our professional video services takes care of all steps (except for the acting!) of the video creation process for a low flat rate.  For $695 we'll provide the following:

  • script writing service
  • film crew preparation and deployment to your office
  • film editing
  • posting final videos to your website
You can also use the videos as Facebook posts, email blasts, part of your YouTube channel and in your lobby or waiting area. If the name of the game in marketing is to connect the community with you, video is an excellent tool.

Create a welcome video.  Discuss your specialty. Introduce your practice environment. Dr. Miller's video is a great example of the connection power of video.  By the end of the video, you are saying, "I want to take my son to see him".

You need to be a customer of one of our services: ODLite, ODLingo, ODMetro and this is a one time added cost of $695.  You will likely have 2 to 3 videos out of this two hour filming.

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