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An Important “Little” Lesson From Google.

Posted by Nancy Rausman - 07 June, 2016


Lesson by iosphere courtesy of freedigitalphotos.netDesign Counts

Noticed anything different in your Google search lately? A subtle yet significant change is being tested by the mega company right now -  the font color of the search results.

Yup - Google has invested unknown sums into re-testing a possible switch from its iconic light blue search result links to black or different shades of blue. Why?

Well, consider this:

When the current shade of blue was chosen it was only after 40 different shades of blue were tested, revealing that this color alone was responsible for a difference of $200 million a year in ad revenue! This shows how for a company of its size, a small design change can mean huge dividends.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a design is surely worth 10,000 words.

In the words of Candace, our design expert, your website design is the conversation you have with your audience, so you need to speak elegantly. Every little element in your design says a lot. You present yourself with typography, shapes, colors, and imagery and that presentation is critical to converting new patients. While the font color you choose may not have an impact of millions of dollars there are some essentials that you need to adhere to for website design that will convert. 

Here are Candace’s 6 Essential Website Design Tips:

   1. DO IT RESPONSIVELY: Design for all mediums so any viewer whether they are visiting from a     desktop, laptop, tablet or phone can appreciate your well-planned design.

   2. ATTENTION IS THE NEW CURRENCY: So use design to captivate and convert your audience.

   3. WHITESPACE MATTERS MORE THAN YOU THINK: Google also spent a lot of time getting white space right which is why they are the preferred search engine - their platform just looks and feels more user-friendly and less cluttered. This is essentially finding the right balance of content (images and copy) to white space.

   4. TYPOGRAPHY IS YOUR VOICE: Chunking copy so it’s scannable on a website is VERY important. Keep line lengths short (35-55 characters is ideal and NO MORE than 77 characters long, including spaces).

   5. LAYOUT & HIERARCHY: This should be based on the importance of the content and aesthetics. Make the most important things stand out and use color sparingly to emphasize only the important things.

   6. IMAGES ARE WORTH 1000 WORDS: But only if they are good, otherwise they are ignorable. Try telling a story or use a metaphor to explain what your company does. Stand out to be memorable and intriguing.

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